After we hit up the KidRobot store, we went the the Complex/LRG/Courvoisier event which was literally a mile or two away from the store. We hopped in line.

In line…


After about 15 minutes of waiting we asked ourselves “Why are we waiting in line? We’re the Shutter Shades Crew!” So we jumped out of line and ran over to the other side of the entry door to bombard the red carpet entry line.

Red carpet…

We were two seconds from walking onto the carpet when we were met with some resistance by a lady with a clipboard. I told the guys to follow me and I turned around to walk inside the event; I managed to quickly convince her that we were the World Famous Shutter Shades Crew and that we don’t wait, after which she told the huge doorman to let us in. You know how we do. 

The event itself was nice. Lots of people showed up and everyone received a gift bag that contained a special edition drink glass with the LRG/Courvoisier logos, an LRG keychain, and the latest issue of Complex magazine. Several mannequins throughout the venue showcased the latest releases of the LRG line, and a DJ spun a decent mix of old and new hip hop throughout the night. Bartenders were setup everywhere  serving some nice Courvoisier mixed drinks that were on the house. Lots of photographers and videographers captured the night, several shots and scenes of which the Crew were in. I was told these photos would be in the next issue of Complex. We actually made a nice scene upon entry, everyone was checking us out since we were rocking the shades as a group. Happens every time.

The highlight of the night for me was meeting Jonas, the founder of LRG, who gave me some great business advice. I gave him my card so hopefully we link up to do business sometime soon. All in all, we had a good time there. Complex mag photos of the event coming soon…see the one shot we took inside below (the camera battery went out right when we got in so I only got this one shot, sorry).



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