Kanye Concert Story…

So after leaving The Hundreds seminar at USC, J Clyde and I wanted to try our luck getting into the Kanye concert tonight. Biggest concert of the year, Kanye’s Glow In The Dark Tour. No tickets in hand. We drove downtown, found a good parking spot and headed up the block to the Nokia Theater. As we walked towards the venue, I was scoping the streets around me and right in the middle of the road, guess what I found:

Yep, a ticket to the concert! Normally when something like that happens it’s the greatest day ever. When you have someone else there with you and only one ticket in hand, it’s a nightmare. We looked around for another one but those were a million to one odds. We waited in the ticket line for a few minutes (yeah they were selling tickets there despite the show being “sold out” 30 minutes after release) but gave up on that idea quick. Looked around at all the hot people there for the concert and then headed out. We did miss out on a good show tonight as I’m sure to hear about it tomorrow, but there will be more hot shows in the future by all of the artists that performed. Besides, it’s not like we can’t hit up this concert in a different city…

Before we left, we did take this cool pic that a Nokia stand printed on the spot:


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