50 Cent To Be Honored With His Own Day!

The city of Bridgeport, Connecticut will honor 50 Cent with his own day.
According to Star Pulse, 50 will be presented with the key to the city on October 12 and the day will be proclaimed “Curtis Jackson Day.”

50 says he plans to celebrate the day with “…a nice picnic! But everybody should have a block party – with just my music being played!”

In other news, 50 will release his new album “Before I Self Destruct” December 9.


One response to “50 Cent To Be Honored With His Own Day!

  1. It seems like it was a long long time ago when Curtis Jackson , known to most as “50 cent” . was coming to town for the filming of Righteous kill. This movie starring Robert Deniro and Al Pacino, was like no other that we have worked for in Bridgeport. I have to confess that I expected trouble to follow Jackson when he came into town. I guess it is because of the gangster image that the media portrays him to have. Well here is the truth of the matter Jackson was one of the best fan / public orientated celebrities that has been filming in Bridgeport. He went out of his way to meet and greet his fans and he was very good with working with the police. I Remember the day they were honoring Jackson with the Key to the city. Mayor Frabrezi called over to the movie shoot to confirm that everything was set for Jackson’s ceremony. I thought the gesture was nice, but I think that if they were giving the Key to Jackson , Deniro and Pacino Icons in the acting field also deserved one too. Anyways Not to put a wrench in the mix. The day went well the school kids got to meet “50” and Fabrezi Honored Jackson with Curtis Jackson Day October 12th, 2007 and the key to the city.
    Watch for Curtis Jackson In Righteous Kill just released on DVD Tuesday January 5th, 2009.

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