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Shutter Shades x Barack Obama Tee

In the most historic Presidential election that America has ever taken part of, Barack Obama has excited and energized the youth of America in a way that no previous canditate ever has. His social and political influence even reaches across nations, as over the past two years of campaigning he has gained the admiration and support of citizens of many different countries. Heading into the final week of the campaign, he is the front runner to become the next leader of the free world.

We show our excitement and appreciation for Barack Obama by releasing a Shutter Shades t-shirt honoring him and his message of Hope for a better America and a better world.

Be a part of history.

Shutter Shades Tees Now Available

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Retro Shutter Shades!!!

Article from March 1941


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New Guitar Hero: World Tour Commercial

Director Brett Ratner got Alex Rodriguez, Michael Phelps, Tony Hawk and Kobe Bryant together for this Risky Business-style commercial.


Fallen superstar MICHAEL JACKSON is lining up his big comeback – a 30-date live spectacular around the globe.
The King of Pop’s last major tour was in 1996, and his most recent album, Invincible, was released seven years ago in 2001.
He has become a virtual recluse since he was cleared of child abuse allegations in 2005.
But now Jackson is set to stun the pop world by releasing an LP he has recorded in Las Vegas – and heading out on a massive world tour next year (09).
Rumours recently surfaced that the Thriller star was planning an Elvis-style Vegas comeback.
But he is said to have let slip his real plans during a visit to an antiques store in Hollywood on Thursday (23Oct08).
An onlooker tells Britain’s The Sun newspaper, “Michael said he wasn’t doing a Vegas residency but was going on a world tour, taking in 30 cities next year. He said he wanted to do it for his kids. He wants them to see what he does, and he wants to take them on the road. He said he was on his way to Los Angeles to finalise the details.”

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