2008: The Year In Review For Shutter Shades

On this last day of 2008, we wanted to look back at the incredible year that we had to not only remind ourselves of what we managed to accomplish this year from the momentum we built at the end of 2007, but also to recap the highlights for those of you out there who joined the movement at various times during the year and didn’t get a chance to see it. So here goes:


Kanye West performing live at the Palms, New Years Eve 2007

Kanye West performing live at the Palms, New Years Eve 2007

To celebrate the whirlwind success of Shutter Shades after the company’s launch in September, the Shutter Shades Crew and their closest friends brought in the new year in Las Vegas with one of the greatest performers on earth – Kanye West. Having seen Jay-Z perform the night before, the crew found no better way to bring in the new year than by watching the man who helped re-popularize the shutter shades style do what he does best and coundown the end of the year. 



Crowds gathered all day each of the three days at Bread & Butter Barcelona.

Crowds gathered all day each of the three days at Bread & Butter Barcelona.

Shutter Shades officially went international in January 2008 at the Bread & Butter Trade Show in Barcelona, Spain. We made the 14 hour flight from L.A. to Barcelona with the goal of taking over the world in three days. We came. We saw. We conquered. Stories of the trip in itself are worth its own book, so we’ll spare all the details. Check out the Bread & Butter photo galleries here



Christian Audigier poses with the Shutter Shades Crew at Project Las Vegas.

Christian Audigier poses with the Shutter Shades Crew at Project Las Vegas.

Shutter Shades made it’s official U.S. retail launch in February at the Project trade show in Las Vegas. We made a huge splash in those three days that reminded us a lot of the Barcelona experience. More Shutter Shades fanatics swarming for photos of them in Shutter Shades and a chance to meet the guys behind it. We also got the attention of attendees such as Christian Audigier (above), Lauren Conrad, Nikki Hilton, Lil Jon, Dallas Austin, and everyone’s favorite, Snoop Dogg, each of whom walked away with Shutter Shades at their request. Check out some of the photos from Project here.


EVENTS, 2008


Shutter Shades stayed visible primarily through the events that we were able to be a part of. From the Sundance Film Festival to the Emmys to all of the parties and events we sponsored and hosted in Los Angeles and internationally, we stayed busy promoting the brand…and partying! It’s almost time for our accountants to expense all of the drink tabs from these nights…check out the flyers of some of the events here




In May, we joined the Kanye West Glow in the Dark tour as a merchandise item. If you were able to see one of the sold out shows, you’ll know that the concert was amazing, as Kanye West solidified himself as one of the world’s best entertainers. Every night on the tour he gave every ounce of energy he had to put on a show and he took the audience on a journey through his mind and life. It was awesome and rewarding to see audiences full of people wearing Shutter Shades as he performed. 




Shutter Shades featured on Hypebeast.com.

We got a LOT of press this year. Everyone was talking when Paris Hilton was flashed wearing Shutter Shades during her party at Pure in Las Vegas last New Years Eve (coincidence? no, we gave them to her); major magazines such as US Weekly, Maxim, Giant, Blender, Rolling Stone, and Billboard featured them in some form or another throughout the yearShwayze rocked them on his MTV Cribs episodethe Far East Movement even shouted us out in their “Lowridin” remix; they appeared on stage at the MTV Music Video Awards in a dance off between Mike Myers and Chris Brown; and Miley Cyrus rocked them in her dance off with the Adam/Chu Dance Crew. We won’t even touch on the talk of Shutter Shades in the blog world…




We released a lot of HOT items this year. The slants, the trons, the clear edition, the glow in the dark edition (above), the Far East Movement edition, the 3-D Shutter Shades and the ever popular Shutter Shades 2.0 edition. We also linked up with New Era to collaborate on a Shutter Shades New Era cap and in the fall we released possibly our most popular item, the Barack Obama Shutter Shades tee.

For 2009, we already have some new tricks up our sleeves and will focus mostly on sunglasses and limited edition releases. Click here to check out the collection we released this year




On September 14th, we celebrated our one year anniversary as an official brand. To celebrate, we threw huge bashes in Las Vegas and Los Angeles where we gave many of the guests in attendance Shutter Shades. It goes without saying that these parties were definitely the parties to be at. 


To sum it all up, 2008 was a pretty good first year for us at Shutter Shades Inc. We want to thank EVERYONE out there in the world who have repped us and supported us and the Shutter Shades movement. Yes, it is a movement. We’re not just selling you a product. We’re inviting you to join a movement we’re leading, one that encourages self-expression and style and unity through both. People still go crazy for these shades. People still get them stolen from them all the time. People can’t get enough of them, collecting them in every color and style. People still treat us like rock stars when they see us in them. You know the feeling if you’ve ever worn them in public. We plan to be around for a long time. Shutter Shades are already a pop culture iconic item and will be forever, we’ll make sure of that. We’re taking it one day and one year at a time. We won’t stop until Shutter Shades are the most iconic shades ever made. Watch out Ray Ban Wayfarer. 

In 2009, we plan to bring you more behind the scenes photos, interviews, and videos than ever before. We feel that it’s important to let you see what goes on when building a global brand. We were able to do that this year through the blog, but next year this will be one of our top priorities – delivering behind the scenes content so that you can grow with us. 

2009, bring it!

Posted by Todd Wilkerson, Shutter Shades Founder & Creative Director


2 responses to “2008: The Year In Review For Shutter Shades

  1. my shutter shades are red and i love them lots and i just dont get why others dont like them.


  2. I recently bought these amazing ray band and some shudder shades between and combined together they look amazing

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