Hypercrush Edition Tron Shutter Shades



Donny Fontaine, Holly Valentine, and Preston Moronie are Hypercrush.

Freshly signed to Universal Records, this electro-rap trio had been burning up the underground Los Angeles music scene over the past year. Having just completed their first national tour, they’re now in the studio working on their major label debut.

A few months ago they teamed up with Shutter Shades Inc to create their own neon edition of the Shutter Shades Trons. They chose two of their signature colors, neon green and neon pink, to fully integrate into the design. You can get the Hypercrush edition Trons at all of their shows on tour or right here at Shutter Shades online. Get familiar with one of the hottest groups in the country, you will definitely hear about them on a TV screen or blog near you very soon!

Neon Green Hypercrush Trons


Neon Pink Hypercrush Trons





Click on the logo to visit their website.


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