Indie Artist of the Week: Brokencyde

Since the beginning, Shutter Shades has always been connected to the music scene. Artists of all genres have embraced Shutter Shades for the fashion-forward accessory that they are. In some instances an audience is more receptive to an artist that wears Shutter Shades and by wearing the shades they help create more demand. Over the course of our journey, we have encountered and discovered some music artists that have developed a big fan following and have rocked out on stage with Shutter Shades.  We present to you our new weekly series, Indie Artist of the Week:




L-R: Phat J!, Se7en, Antz!, and Mikl!

Its 3 am in Albuquerque. The streets are quiet, except for one house. While most are sleeping, Brokencyde is running the party.  Playing a grand mix of two different styles, Brokencyde is playing something you’ve never heard before. With the intensity of Underoath but the flair of Lil Jon, you can be assured that this high-energy rollercoaster is about to take you on a fantastic ride.

Brokencyde, or BC13 as its known by most, began in 2004 when Se7en and MikL met through one of Mikl’s cousins. They realized quickly, that through their similar taste in music and style they could make something new, exciting and different. They were fed up and bored with what music was out there, so they decided to try venture into new territories. The group quickly developed their unique sound of screamo infused with top 40 hip hop, bringing a sound that no one had heard before. After a couple line-up changes PhatJ joined the band in 2007 and to finally complete the circle, Anthony joined in early 2008.

Since 2004, BC13 has released over 30 songs with much success. They developed a buzz rather quickly with no publicity, promotion or extensive touring. After selling out shows all over the West Coast, the group realized that they were on to something more than a hobby and embarked on their first full US tour with great success. Through hard work, and tireless self-promotion, the band has become one of the TOP TEN unsigned bands IN THE WORLD on the Internet. So grab your grillz, pimp goblets and Cristal because it’s about to GET CRUNK!!!

You can check out more about Brokencyde here

You can get a pair of Classic Edition Shutter Shades like Antz! is seen wearing here


One response to “Indie Artist of the Week: Brokencyde

  1. i was looking up some stuff sbout brokencyde for a music project about our favorit band (BRoKENCYDE is my favorit band LOLZ) so i chose brokencyde, i looked and looked for info but couldnt find ANY AT ALL! until i checked out this website. i learned like so much in just one paragraph! i want to thank whoever put that info on here. now i kno alot about them and they are very interesting. i love their music. i wish they would come back to omaha nebraska. i went to the one concert back on the 22nd of febuary i think thats when it was lol well thanks brokencyde for the music and thanks to the person who put the info on here!! <3<3

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