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Artist of the Week: Hey Hey Radio

For our second installment of Artist of the Week, we introduce to our Shutter Shades viewers:




The group is from Milan, Italy and consists of Joe (bass), Luca (drums), Alex (vocals), Marco (guitar) and Alessandro (keyboards). They create and perform a very clever and catchy mix of rock, dance, electro and pop. Their self-titled CD will be released on March 6th, 2009. 

They just finished their very first music video for their first single “Television.” Check it out!


As you can see in the video, several styles of Shutter Shades were worn by the group: the Flag edition, 2.0 edition, slants, and classics

Again, you can check out more about Hey Hey Radio at their myspace page here.


Photos from Last Night at Les Deux


Last night the red carpet was out at Les Deux in Hollywood, California as Jessica Kinni (VH1’s Rock of Love) hosted the event. Recording artists J. Smith ( and Tara Ellis ( rocked the stage in front of a club capacity crowd. Shutter Shades Inc. sponsored the event last night and after the performances they handed out Shutter Shades to the party goers. Check out the photos from the event, courtesy of The King Lion. Click here to see the photos.

This Wednesday 2/25 @ Les Deux (Hollywood, CA) – Shutter Shades Giveaways!


All L.A. and southern California people are invited to come and party with us this Wednesday, February 25th at Les Deux in Hollywood. You are on the Shutter Shades guestlist so say “Shutter Shades guestlist” at the door for easy and quick entry. DO ARRIVE EARLY (before 11pm) because this event WILL REACH CAPACITY AND QUICKLY! This will be a hot event, most likely the hottest event in Hollywood that night. Come celebrate the middle of the week with Shutter Shades and bring your friends!

Photos of the 2nd Annual Shutter Shades Holiday Party @ KRESS (Hollywood)


Click here to check out photos from the 2nd Annual Shutter Shades Holiday Party at Kress in Hollywood, hosted by Shutter Shades Inc. Photos courtesy of



Celebrate President’s Day.

Click here to get yourself an Obama x Shutter Shades t-shirt.

Quest for G at – Kevin Garnett Rocking Shutter Shades!


Gatorade has a new commercial campaign called “Quest for G” in which several superstar athletes from various professional sports leagues are together on the quest for Gatorade. This particular commercial features Kevin Garnett, Derek Jeter, and the JabbaWockeez in midieval times competing in a dance off. Watch the clip and you’ll see why KG’s squad wins the battle (hint: look at the above photo):

Shout out to the Gatorade creative team and KG for rocking Shutter Shades.

Is This How You Feel When You Buy Shutter Shades?


Get some to feel this same excitement.