Hyper Crush Edition Tron Shutter Shades pt. 2


In January, we blogged about our Shutter Shades collaboration with the electro hip-hop group Hyper Crush. With the inclusion of their shades on the main page of our website, here’s a more detailed story of how we linked up with them to create the Hyper Crush Tron Edition Shutter Shades.  

We first met Hyper Crush in the fall of 2007, a few months after we started Shutter Shades. They were already established in the Hollywood club scene and had been performing in Hollywood and Southern California for a while. We were just starting to promote the brand and thought that the Hollywood club scene would be a perfect setting – where music, hipsters, fashion-forward young people gathered. When we first saw Hyper Crush, we had never seen or heard a music group like them. We met them and we instantly bonded with them. They loved our shades and we loved their eclectic style and futuristic music.

After a while of seeing them out in Hollywood and attending many of their performances, we were able to convince them to wear Shutter Shades on stage during some of their performances. Each time, they got a great response from the crowd about their performances and the shades. 

As a result of this observation, we talked about working together to create their own neon edition of the Shutter Shades Trons. They chose two of their signature colors, neon green and neon pink, and off we went. 

You can get the Hypercrush edition Trons at any of their live shows on tour or right here at Shutter Shades online. Get familiar with one of the hottest groups in the country, you will definitely hear about them on a TV screen or blog near you very soon!

Neon Green Hypercrush Trons


Neon Pink Hypercrush Trons



Click on the logo to visit their website.


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