Monthly Archives: July 2009

Shutter Shades – Where Amazing Happens

A few weekends ago, I went to local Venice Beach here in Los Angeles and wanted to see how playing basketball in shutter shades would be. I had my brother Shawn there to record some footage of me playing and shooting around with the video recorder on my Blackberry Bold. Check out how amazing happens when you wear Shutter Shades.


Kanye West – Live From Chicago [Mixtape] FREE DOWNLOAD



Here is a mixtape of the audio from Kanye West’s Live From The Chicago Theater concert/special. Sharing strongly advised!

Click here to download

Tristan Starchild B-Day Celebration at Kress, Sponsored by Shutter Shades


This weekend is Shutter Shades sponsored artist Tristan Starchild‘s birthday celebration at Kress, sponsored by Shutter Shades. Come party with us, it will be fun! If you plan to go, email us at and we’ll take care of you.


Check out this video made by Shane Dawson for his ShaneDawsonTV channel on YouTube. Very popular video, but beware of the explicit language in the video. Shout out to Shane for rocking Shutter Shades in this video and several of his others, he’s a very funny guy!

MJ x Shutter Shades T-Shirt


As a tribute to one of the greatest entertainers ever, we decided to design and release a t-shirt that captured the iconic image of MJ but also incorporated Shutter Shades. We love it and we know you will too. Click here to check it out and get yourself one.

Hey Hey Radio @ MTV TRL

Check out this clip from MTV’s TRL where one of our favorite groups, Hey Hey Radio, are rocking Shutter Shades live in front of a summer crowd. What’s up guys, appreciate the support!!!

WastingTimeChasingCars – “Dat New New (VIKING REMIX)”

Check out this cool video performance by the guy behind WastingTimeChasingCars on YouTube. He puts on an awesome performance and rocks Shutter Shades throughout the video. Awesome stuff! Hope to see more great performances, send us links of cool stuff!