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Have you seen these? Face stickers on Chiquita bananas. Awesome!

Shutter Shades on a Chiquita banana sticker (this was NOT photoshopped). Wow, this is bananas! (pun intended)


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We finally got our Shutter Shades twitter page back! Follow us and you’ll get:

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We here at Shutter Shades love to treat our fans and customers as much as possible. Our first treat of the year is a 20% discount off of any purchase you make at, EVER! Anytime you want to make a purchase, use discount code SHUTTER to get 20% off! Click on the image below to check out the fresh gear on Karmaloop. You can thank us later.

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Shutter Shades at the office

What happens when you wear Shutter Shades in the office? Take a look…