Shutter Shades, Inc. was officially launched in Los Angeles, California in the summer of 2007. The founders of Shutter Shades set out to change the way that people view, and are seen in, fashionable eyewear. They realize that for any style of fashion that people embrace, the right accessory can make the outfit – the accessory of choice for most being a pair of sunglasses. Wanting to push the limits of creativity and self-expression, they developed Shutter Shades, their creative twist on the traditional appearance and function of sunglasses, solely for the sheer fun of it. In the process, they created a timeless and unique fashion accessory.

Inspired by the global demand for its classic first style, Shutter Shades now explores and develops similar styles of eyewear and apparel that appeals to its new diverse demographic. Anyone who sees and experiences these shades is captivated by their uniqueness, functionality, and ability to get instant attention from others. What began with one timeless style that appeals to everyone, from the common man to the biggest celebrities, has evolved into a growing product line and, most importantly, a strong brand.

Not only has Shutter Shades been able to deliver new fashionable styles, but also the manner in which it markets its brand contributes to the continued worldwide demand for its shades. The events, multimedia, and celebrity appeal that Shutter Shades generate are a testament to its understanding of giving the customer a reason to believe the movement that it is leading. Every celebrity that has been seen wearing our authentic brand Shutter Shades received them directly from the hands of our team. Everything that Shutter Shades produces wears the Shutter Shades name boldly and everyone that embraces Shutter Shades becomes a part of the worldwide Shutter Shades movement.


To consistently deliver the most fashionable, unique, and appealing sunglasses and apparel and to build a long-lasting brand that people can trust.


3 responses to “ABOUT

  1. omg shutter shades are pimpin’
    as soon as i saw them i wass like
    they are so original and unquie
    pretty soon there gonna replace the aviators

  2. i love shutter shades i have 4 pairs

  3. we are a jerking group that wants to get sponsered by shutter shades our new video is for yu guys check us out…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nS-68ObQxBg

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