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Gotta Love The 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics!

Shutter Shades were a common sight during the Opening Ceremony and throughout the 2010 games. Shutter Shades run the world!



Today, Monday September 14, 2009, marks two years since we went live and introduced Shutter Shades to the world. Kanye West had the only pair in the world before we launched and since then, people from all corners of the globe have experienced the fun, excitement, and chaos that Shutter Shades provide.

Here’s a look back at some of our favorite moments.

Here are the guys that brought Shutter Shades to the globe:

L-R: J Clyde, Pete, George, Lew, Todd, Shawn

L-R: J Clyde, Pete, George, Lew, Todd, Shawn

Here is the intro photo that you would see on our very first website design that launched September 14, 2007.


Once you clicked into the website, this is what you would see. If you clicked on one of the colors, it would take you to the checkout screen. The website has come a LONG way since then!


The world famous Shutter Shades Crew (L-R: George, Shawn, Todd, Lew, J Clyde. Not pictured is Pete). This was taken right before our Launch Party in November, 2007 in Hollywood.


This was a very memorable night for several reasons:

We followed that up in December with our Christmas party:

For new years eve 2007 we went to Las Vegas and ran into a very special friend. She liked what we had to give her:

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton

The following month, January of 2008, we flew all the way over to Barcelona, Spain for The Bread & Butter Trade Show, the biggest European and possibly the biggest international trade show on earth. To say the least, we made a big SPLASH!




The coolest, most talked-about people at the trade show by far – The Shutter Shades crew and The Amsterdam Clubkids:


This is an awesome photo, taken by the New York Times during the historic Presidential primaries:


In February 2008 at the Project trade show in Las Vegas, world famous fashion designer Christian Audigier couldn’t help but experience the Shutter Shades phenomenon, even as his brands took in the highest sales volume of all brands during the week!


Also in 2008, Shutter Shades linked up with Kanye West to join him on his critically-acclaimed Glow In The Dark tour:


Later that year, we teamed up with The Far East Movement to collaborate on a FM edition set of our 2.0 edition sunglasses.

Far East Movement

Far East Movement

The greatest:


Muhammed Ali

We celebrated our 1 year anniversary, Vegas style:


This was awesome!


We then linked up with electro-hop group Hyper Crush to collaborate on a set of Tron edition sunglasses (check them out here):

Hyper Crush

Hyper Crush

Gatorade came up with a very cool ad campaign with several athletes, check out one of the commercials that aired in which NBA player Kevin Garnett used Shutter Shades for inspiration:

One word: Hef.


Along the way, we sponsored parties for nearly every holiday and occasion – you can check them all out here on our myspace page – usually because we felt like partying! But mostly to connect with our fellow Shutter Shades movement. We give all the credit for this movement to all of you out there who LOVE Shutter Shades, who love everything about what they stand for. We even give some credit to those who hate Shutter Shades, because they make those who love them LOVE THEM even more!

Shutter Shades will be around forever now and so will we. We THANK YOU for your support and for being a part of our journey. Feel free to reach out to us and let us know what you think about Shutter Shades, where you want to see them, what ideas you have, what you want us to do. We are here because of you. With you, we will last another two years and many more after that.


Rest In Peace to one of the greatest entertainers ever.


Michael Jackson



Wear your green Shutter Shades today!

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For those of you in the USA, today is a day of celebration for all of the good things in your life. We at Shutter Shades wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and hope you’re spending it with family and friends eating good food that took hours (or days) to prepare but only 30 minutes to eat (ha)! Share some good memories, watch some football, throw on the Shutter Shades for your older relatives to make a scene about and have a fun day. 


Tomorrow is Black Friday so be sure to come back and check out the crazy sale we’ll have going on starting Friday at midnight throughout the weekend.

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