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Artist Profile: King Cydal

The man pictured above goes by the name of  King Cydal. The 26 year old rapper hails from the SF Bay Area, California. After releasing his first album, Ya Block’s Host, in 2008 and his Concrete Collection Volume 1 mixtape last year, he released his latest project, Royal Solution, an 11 song album earlier this month for free download via his Myspace page and via Twitter.

The Bay Area is known in the rap world for its ability to create popular lingo and movements, the most recent of which was the Hyphy movement. It is a region looking to get back on the map in rap and King Cydal looks to be the one to bring it back. His music respectfully avoids the Hyphy sound but takes on a more mainstream and thought-provoking sound and feel.

If you’ve never heard of King Cydal until now, take a minute to check out his latest project Royal Solution available for free download here (parental advisory warning for some suggestive and graphic language) and add him as your friend on Myspace. To hear more from him on a daily basis, follow him on Twitter. You won’t be disapppointed. Look for him to be a force in the Bay Area and beyond in the coming years.


Shutter Shades Introduces King Cydal

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The NBA Playoffs just won’t be the same this year…

With five of six members of the Shutter Shades Crew having grown up in the Bay Area, it was a sad day when the Golden State Warriors were knocked out of the playoff race on Monday in the last week of the season. Last year they made the final spot in the West on the last day of the season and destroyed the Dallas Mavs in the first round for the biggest upset in sports history. Now we all have to wait until next year…I’m not even excited about the playoffs anymore and don’t know who to root for. Now that the Warriors are out, it looks like the Lakers might end up taking it home this year. 


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