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Black of All Trades – Life in 16×9 – Episode 4

Take a look at episode 4 of our very own Shawn’s video blog, where he looks back at the past and at some of his projects and ventures, including his role in Shutter Shades. Check it out!


Shawn of the Shutter Shades Crew Launches Grandiose TV

The Shutter Shades Crew’s very own Shawn Wilkerson, aka Black of All Trades, has just launched Grandiose TV. In addition to being the New Media Director for Shutter Shades Inc since day one, Shawn is a videographer, editor, graphic artist and musician. He’s launching a brand new weekly webisode series called “Grandiose TV”, where we follow him and his adventures through comedy, music, drama, skits, interviews and online blogs.

Grandiose TV is gonna be a major mash-up featuring new and established artists, personalities such as J. Anthony Brown, Justin Hires and other comedians, musicians and artists Black of All Trades has the pleasure of working with, nights out in Hollywood, comedy skits, and a peek into the past, present and future of his production company, All Trades Production. Check out the video above and his links mentioned in the video. Good work and good luck Shawn!

Shawn Wilkerson (photo courtesy of Adrian Sidney of bartabz.com)

Shawn Wilkerson (photo courtesy of Adrian Sidney of bartabz.com)